Tenerife property

Sooner or later almost every tourist taking a holiday in Tenerife toys with the idea of coming to live in this wonderful climate and so of course thoughts quickly turn to the types of property in Tenerife that are available. Most people tend to downsize considerably when first looking at Tenerife properties simply because they have stayed in a hotel or apartment and realise that they don’t need lots of extra space and bedrooms particularly for those whose families have fled the nest or only need a gentle push to do so. For some people, the first property in Tenerife is an apartment, bought for their own holiday use or part holiday and part letting, often with the thought of at least part time retirement to the island.

Many people coming to live in their apartments in Tenerife on first retiring find that there is little to occupy their time and as time goes by and with all those little extras that are bought, space in a holiday apartment seems to disappear and thoughts turn to buying a bigger property in Tenerife. For those with computers and an internet connection it’s a relatively simple start to searching for properties in Tenerife, more and more estate agents in Tenerife are placing their portfolios of property in Tenerife on to sites such as this which with its built in search engine. This makes selecting the type of Tenerife property, with the option of searching by price range, number of bedrooms, locality, type of property etc. very simple indeed.

Imagine going into the office of your favourite Tenerife estate agents (Tenerife Property, +34 922 98 54 84) and asking for a two bedroom apartment in the south of Tenerife, he picks out say thirty apartments for you to see and then after looking at those you decide to see what three bedroom apartments you could afford and then maybe a small bungalow if it’s within the price range etc. etc. This could take a lot of his and your own valuable time whereas on the internet one can see many different properties in Tenerife from many different agents all at the touch of a few buttons and at the time to suit you.

I’m not dismissing the many fine estate agents in Tenerife who on the whole are a useful tool to both sellers and purchasers but rather singing the praises of this wonderful tool called the ‘net’, after finding a suitable property in Tenerife many people still need to be shown the property and to be helped with all the language and legal details. Buying a Tenerife property is very different to buying in the UK, add to this the language difference and one can quickly see why a helpful, intelligent Tenerife estate agent is seen as an ally. The same applies to those clients selecting their property on the internet before coming to see the properties in Tenerife; they can be met at the airport with the estate agent in Tenerife having made all the viewing arrangements beforehand saving valuable time for everyone.

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